Medical alert and medical response training


medical alert dogs in maine♠ Beginning as just, adorable little puppies, Trinity’s service dogs are born exclusively to the passionate breeders at Rebel Mountain Mastiffs. Dedicated to perfecting a blood-line, that encompasses the ideal candidate to become a service animal! Resulting in, the most loyal and protective guardian to your loved ones.

To start, our puppies then begin their journey with, being taught boundaries and obedience while getting trained to display a ‘reserved’ measure in love and compassion to their handlers. This can lay the in-valuable foundation, necessary to become excellent emotional support companions.

Once they reach an appropriate age, each pup begins training to perform a medical alert or, response. The training in itself, is quite similar to training a dog to perform common obedience commands. The main variable, being that the cue will end up being a symptom. Such as, the scent of rising or dropping blood sugar. Teaching our service animals to recognize and react to the symptom, is the most demanding aspect in training them.

Trinity develops a bond with each dog, training them to perform a simple behavior: pawing at the leg or, a verbal alert. The dog is rewarded with a tasty treat upon completing each task. This leads them to appreciate the interaction. Initially, the dog is taught to perform such behavior using hand signals. We call this the ‘alert game’. As their skills improve over time, we gradually move on to more targeted training methods. Fine-tuning the dog’s instincts to the task. Such as, knowing when to react to a child’s emotional meltdown. Or, recognizing and alerting to a sudden change in blood sugar.

Once our pups have reached a certain age, (around 0 months) and have graduated as a service animal, Trinity will be ready to share your loved one’s new service dog & companion. An initial, “meet-and-greet” is required prior to release, to ensure a mutual bond has the potential to evolve. Our partners, at Rebel Mountain Mastiffs have their own contracts necessary involving the release and care of puppies from their blood-line. Trinity’s Service Dog’s as well, requires a signed release in relation to our service animals. We take great pride in the service animals we’ve raised and trained, here in Lisbon Maine.

The Journey of our service dog training as it unfolds!

Trinity & Stitch-Rebel

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